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Happy new year

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A few days ago, I looked back my photo album occasionally and saw those photos about Ayse san. It called back my memory about her. How is she?
Last two years, when New Year comes, she always sends best wishes to me at wechat, but not this year. It's already January 3rd. We only talk one time at this moment every year. Just want to say happy new year to each other. At other time in a year we only act like strangers.
Maybe it's time for us to forget about each other. But if I do not? I think maybe this time I should send message to her. So I did it. She replied me the next day. None of us are good at speaking English or typing English words. We tried our best. A new year comes and I still remember you. Even if we won't meet again, but you are still my friend.
I'm not good at keeping a relationship under the influence of separation. This time I had a try. I think it's a good start.

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